2012, v. 86, № 1 - Бюллетень

2012, v. 86, № 1

Jamshidi Badr M., Masoudi F., Collins A.


and Sorbi


Mineralogical Evidence for Regional Metamorphism Overprinted by Contact Metamorphism.



Platinum-group Element Geochemistry of Magnetite from Porphyry-Cu-Mo Deposits and their Host Rocks (Siberia, Russia).

Liu J., Xiao R., Zhang Y.,

et al.

Zircon SHRIMP U-Pb Dating of the Tourmalinites from Boron-bearing Series of Borate Deposits in Eastern Liaoning and its Geological Implications.


2011, v.96, № 8-9

Pan Yuanmine, Mashkovtsev R., Dan Huang and oth.

Mechanisms of Cr and H incorporation in stilhovite determined by singl-crystal EPR spectroscjpy and DET calculations.

2012, v.97, №2-3

Vonlanthen P., Fitz G.J.D., Rubbato D. et al.

Рекристаллизационные кромки циркона (Валь-де Арбедо, Швейцария): изучение интегрированной катоделюминесценцией, La-ICP-MS, SHRIMP и TEM.

Regis D., Cenki-Tok B., Darling J. et al.

Перераспределение РЗЭ, иттрия, тория и урана при высоком давлении: алланит-образующие реакции в метакварцитах с включениями (зона Сесия, Западные Итальянские Альпы).

2012, v. 97, № 4

Chambers J.A., Kohn M.J.

Titanium in muscovite, biotite, and hornblende: Modeling, thermometry, and rutile activities of metapelites and amphibolites.

Harlov D.E., Wirth R.

Experimental incorporation of Th into xenotime at middle to lower crustal P-T utilizing alkali-bearing fluids


Mills S. J., Kampf A. R., Birch W. D.

The crystal structure of metanatroautunite, Na[(UO2)(PO4)](H2OI3), from the Lake Boga Granite, Victoria, Australia.

Huber A. L., Heuss-Abichler S., Fehr K. T., et al.

Petedunnite (CaZnSi2O6): Stability and phase relations in the system CaO-ZnO-SiO2.

Fejfarová K., Pláš J., Yang H. et al.

Revision of the crystal structure and chemical formula of weeksite, K2(UO2)2(Si5O13)·4H2O.



. 97, № 5-6

Lima S. M., Corfu F., Neiva A. M.R., et al.

U-Pb ID-TIMS dating applied to U-rich inclusions in garnet.

Nakamura-Messenger K., Clemett S. J., Rubin A. E. et al.

Wassonite: A new titanium monosulfide mineral in the Yamato 691 enstatite chondrite.

Ague J. J., J. O. Eckert Jr.

Precipitation of rutile and ilmenite needles in garnet: Implications for extreme metamorphic conditions in the Acadian Orogen, U. S. A.

Cicconi M. R., Giuli G., Paris E., et al.

Europium oxidation state and local structure in silicate glasses.

Lamb W. M., Guillemette R., Popp R.



et al.

Determination of Fe3+/Fe using the electron microprobe: A calibration for amphiboles.



. 97, № 7

X Liu, Wu Y., Gao S., et al.

First record and timing of UHP metamorpliism from zircon in the Xitieshan terrane: Implications for the evolution of the entire North Qaidam metamorphic belt.

Kogawa M., Watson E. B., Ewing R. C.

Lead in zircon at the atomic scale.


2011, v. 49, №5

Gob S., Wenzel T., Bau M. et al.

Перераспределение редкоземельных элементов во вторичных минералах гидротермальных жил, Шварцвальд. Юго-Западная Германия.

2011, v. 49, №6

Nazimova Yu.V., Zaytsev V.P., Petrov S.V.

The Galmoenan massif, Kamchatka, Russia: geology, PGE mineralization, applied mineralogy and beneficiation.

Baily L., Auge T., Trofimov N., et al.

The mineralization potential of the Burakovsky layered intrusion, Karelia, Russia.



, Gongalskiy B.I.., Yushin A.A., et al.

Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of PGE-Cu-Ni ores of the Maslovsky deposit in the Noril'sk area. Russia.



., Kapsiotis A., Tsikouras B., et al.

Spinel composition. PGE geochemistry and mineralogy of the chromitites from the Vourinos ophiolite complex, northwestern Greece.

2012, v. 50

, № 1


ačevski A.,


oritz R.,




, et al.

Texture and composition of Pb-bearing pyrite from the


ока Marin polymetallic deposit, Serbia, controlled by nanoscale inclusions.
Te-rich canfieldite, Ag8Sn(S,Te)6, from the Lengenbach quarry, Binntal, Canton Valais, Switzerland: Occurrence, description and crystal structure.


ye M



myth J.R.

The crystal structure and genesis of krennerite, Au3AgTe8.






urns P.C.

Crystal structures of six new uranyl selenate and selenite compounds and their relationship with uranyl mineral structures.


2012, v. 39, №. 8

Czaja M., Bodyi-Gajowska S., Lisiecki R. and oth

. The luminescence properties of rare-earth ions in natural fluorite.


2010, v.29, №6

Du Bao Feng, Wei Jun Hao, Wang Qi et al.

Обсуждение металлогенических условий и временного различия между магматизмом и минерализацией молибденовых месторождений восточного Китая.

2012, v.47, № 5

Li N., Chen Y.-J., Ulrich T. and oth.

Fluid inclusion stady of the Wunugetu Cu-M0 deposit, Inner Mongolia, China.

Yigit O.

Discovered and undiscovered gold endowment of Turkey: a quantitative mineral resource assessment using GIS and rank statistical analysis.

Shafiei B., Shahabpour J.

Geochemical aspects of molybdenum and precious metals distribution in the Sar Cheshmeh porphyry copper deposit, Iran.

Wang C.Y.

Chusi Li and Edward M. Ripley (eds) Magmatic Ni-Cu and PGE deposits: geology, geochemistry and genesis.


2012, v. 163, № 1

Bachmann O., Deering C.D., Ruprecht J.S.,

et al.

Evolution of silicic magmas in the Kos-Nisyros volcanic center, Greece: a petrological cycle associated with caldera collapse.

2012, v. 163, № 2

Villaros A., Buick I.S., Stevens G.

Isotopic variations in S-type granites: an inheritance from a heterogeneous source?

Galli A., Le Bayon B., Schmidt M.W., et al.

U-Pb zircon dating of the Gruf Complex: disclosing the late Variscan granulitic lower crust of Europe stranded in the Central Alps.

2012, v. 163, № 3

Fu B., Kendrick M.A., Fairmaid A.M.,

et al.

New constraints on fluid sources in orogenic gold deposits, Victoria, Australia.

Storm S., Shane R., Schmitt A.K.,

et al.

Decoupled crystallization and eruption histories of the rhyolite magmatic system at Tarawera volcano revealed by zircon ages and growth rates.

2012, v. 163, № 4

Till C.B, Grove T.L., Withers A.C.

The beginnings of hydrous mantle wedge melting.

Köksal S., Möller A., Göncüoglu M.C., et al.

Crustal homogenization revealed by U-Pb zircon ages and Hf isotope evidence from the Late Cretaceous granitoids of the Agacören intrusive suite (Central Anatolia Turkey).

2012, v. 163, № 5

Bouvier A.-S. Ushikubo T., Kita N.T., et al.

Li isotopes and trace elements as a petrogenetic tracer in zircon: insights from Archean TTGs and sanukitoids.

Root D., Corfu F.

U-Pb geochronology of two discrete Ordovician high-pressure metamorphic events in the Seve Nappe Complex, Scandinavian Caledonides.

2012, v. 163, № 6

McCreath J.A., Finch A.A. Simonsen S.L. et al.

Independent ages of magmatic and hydrothermal acnivity in alkaline igneous rocks: The Motzfeldt Centre, Gardar Province, South Greenland.

Mouräo C., Moreira M., Mata J. et al

. Primary and secondery processes constraining the noble gas isotopic signatures of carbonatites and silicate rocks from Brava Island: evidence for a lower mantle origin of the Cape Verde plume.

2012, v. 164, № 2

Brophy J.G.

Rare earth element-SiO2 systematics of mid-ocean ridge plagiogranites and host gabbros from the Fournier oceanic fragment, New Brunswick, Canada: a field evaluation of some model predictions.

Bojanowski M.J., Baginski B., Clarkson E and oth.

Low-temperature zircon growth related to hydrothermal alteration of siderite concretions in Mississippian shales, Scotland.

Yao L., Sun C., Liang Y.

A parameterized model for REE distribution between low-Ca pyroxene and basaltic melts with applications to REE partitioning in low-Ca pyroxene along a mantle adiabat and during piroxenite-derived melt and peridotite interaction.

Thomas J.B., Watson E.Bruce.

Epplication of the Ti-in-guartz thermobarometer to rutile-free systems. Reply to: a comment on: «TitaniQ under pressure: the effect of pressure and temperature on the solubility of Ti in guartz» by Thomas et al.

2012, v. 164, № 3

Tichmirowa M., Sergeev S., Berger H.-J. and oth.

Inferring protoliths оf high-grade metamorphic gneisses of the Erzgebirge using zirconology, geochemistry and comparison with lower-grade rocks from Lusatif (Saxothurigia, Germany).

Nishimura K.

A mathematical model of trace element and isotopic behavior during simultaneous assimilation and imperfect fractional crystallization.

Belyanin G.A., Rajesh H.M., Sajeev K. and oth.

Ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism from an unusual corundum+orthopyroxene intergrowth bearing Al+Mg granulite from the Southen Marginal Zone, Limpopo Complex, South Africa.



., Liang Y.

Distribution of REE between clinopyroxene and basaltic melt along a mantle adiabat: effects of major element composition, water, and temperature.

Kirchenbaur M., Pleuger J., Jahn-Awe S., et al.

Timing of high-pressure metamorphic events in the Bulgarian Rhodopes from Lu-Hf garnet geochronology.


2012, v.107, № 2

Uehara S., Takai Y., Shirose Y. and oth.

TES microcalorimeter SEM-EDS system for rare-earth elements analyses.

Takai Y., Uehara S

. Rhabdophave-(Y), YPO4·H2O, a new mineral in alkali olivine basalt from Hinodematsu, Genkai-cho, Saga Prefecture, Japan.

2012, v.107, № 3

Nishio-Hamane D., Ogoshi Y., Minakawa T.

Miyahisaite, (Sr,Ca)2Ba3(PO4)3F, a new mineral of the hedyphane group in the apatite supergroup from the Shimoharai mine, Oita Profecture, Japan.

Nagase T., Hori H., Kitamine M. and oth.

Tanohataite, LiMn2Si3O8(OH): a new mineral from the Tanohata mine, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.


2012, v. 40, № 5

McLeod C.L., Davidson J. R., Nowell G. M., et al.

Disequilibrium melting during crustal anatexis and implications for modeling open magmatic systems.

Loseth H., Rodrigues N., Cobbold R. P.

World's largest extrusive body of sand?

Braxton D. P., Cooke D. R., Dunlap J., et al.

From crucible to graben in 2.3 Ma: A high-resolution geochronological study of porphyry life cycles, Boyongan-Bayugo copper-gold deposits, Philippines.

2012, v. .40, № 6

VanTongeren J.A., Mathez


Laige-scale liquid immiscibility at the top of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa.

Woodhead J., Stern R.J., Hergt J. et al.

Hf-Nd isotope variation in Mariana Trough basalts: The importance of "ambient mande" in the interpretation of subduction zone magmas.

Giulio A.D., Ronchi A., Sanfiuppo A. et al.

Detrital zircon provenance from the Neuquén Basin (south-central Andes): Cretaceous geodynamic evolution and sedimentary response in a retroarc-foreland basin.

2012, v.40, № 8

Iverson N.R

. A theory of glacial quarrying for landscape evolution models.

2012, v.40, № 10

Cawood P.A., Hawkesworth C.J., Dhuime B.

Detrital zircon record and tectonic setting.


2012, v. 123, № ¾

Gulley J., Martin J. B., Screaton E. J., et al.

River reversals into karst springs: A model for cave enlargement in eogenetic karst aquifers.

Carracedo J.C., Guillou H., Nomade S., et al.

Evolution of ocean-island rifts: The northeast rift zone of Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Cooper A. F., Maas R., Scott J. M., et al.

Dating of volcanism and sedimentation in the Skelton Group, Transantarctic Mountains: Implications for the Rodinia-Gondwana transition in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica.

2012, v. 124, № 5/6

Cesser D., Rubatto D., Bruand E., et al.

Large-scale, short-lived metamorphism, deformation, and magmatism the Chugoch metamorphic complex, southern Alaska: A SHRIMP U-Pb study of zircons.

2012, v. 124, № 7/8

Furnes H., Dilek Y., Pedersen R. B.

Structure, geochemistry, and tectonic evolution of trench-distal backarc oceanic crust in the western Norwegian Caledonides, Solund-Stavfjord ophiolite (Norway).

Xiao Y., Lavis S., Niu Y., et al.

Trace-element transport during subduction-zone ultrohigh-pressure metamorphism: Evidence from western Tianshan, China.

2012, v. 124, № 9/10

Zhang J.Y., Yin A., Liu W.C.,

et al.

Coupled U-Рb dating and Hf isotopic analysis of detrital zircon of modern river sand from the Yalu River (Yarlung Tsangpo) drainage system in southern Tibet: Constraints on the transport processes and evolution of Himalayan rivers.



8, v.

155, part 4

Samson S.D., D'Lemos R.S.

U-Pb geochronology and Sm-Nd isotopic composition of Proterozoic gneisses, Channel Islands, UK.

Rogers G., Hyslop E.K., Strachan R.A. and oth

. The structural setting and U.Pb geochronology of the Knoydartian pegmatites in W Invernesshire: evidence for Neoproterozoic tectonothermal events in the Moine of NW Scotland.

Mognazi A.M., Andersen T., Oweiss G. A. and oth.

Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pd isotopic data bearing on the origin 0f Pan-African granitoids in the Kid frea, southeast Sinai,Egipt.

Kröner A., Hegner E.

Geochemistry, single zircon ages and Sm-Nd systematic of granitoid rocks from the Góry Sowie (Owl Mts), Polish West Sudetes: evidence for early Palaeozoic arc-related plutonism.



. 166, № 3











Сходство коры в Арктических Уралидах, северная Россия: значимость датировок по детритным цирконам из неопротерозойских и палеозойских отложений на островах Новая Земля и полуострове Таймыр.

2012, v.169, part 3

Luque F.J., Ortega L., Barrenechea J.F. and oth.

Key factors controlling massiv graphite deposition in volcanic settings: an example of a self-organized critical system.

Guo X., Yan Z., Wang Z. and oth.

Middle Trassic are magmatism along the northeastern margin of the Tibet: U-Pb and Lu-Hf zircon characterization of the Gangcha cjmplex in the West Qinling terrane, central China.

Zhang X., Gao Y., Wang Z. and oth.

Carboniferous appinitic intrusions from the northern North China craton: geochemistry, petrogenesis and tectonic implications.

She Z., Ma C., Wan Y. and oth.

An Early Mesozoic transcjntinental palaeoriver in South China: evidence from detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes.

2012, v. 169, part 4

RileyT. R., Flowerdew M. J., Whitehouse M. J.

U – Pb ion-microprobe zircon geochronology from the basement inliers of eastern Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8